The New Teacher Induction Program

Faithful and thoughtful learners, working together to transform the world.

The purpose of the New Teacher Induction Program (NTIP) is to establish a solid foundation on which new teachers can continue to collaboratively build their professional practice in a supportive environment. As part of NTIP, learning is job embedded, and aims to enhance the experience of teachers during their pre-service teacher education. Through a full year of ongoing support, new teachers will develop the requisite skills and knowledge that will enable them to achievement success as experienced teachers in Ontario.

As a Catholic district school board, our NTIP program is also infused with faith-based elements that align with the Ontario Catholic School Graduate Expectations. This is further built on both the board’s mission and vision for our school communities, as well as the promotion of Faith, Community, Inclusivity, Respect, and Achievement.

Access the NCDSB NTIP Guide

Here’s a sneak peek at our NTIP document’s table of contents. Download your copy by clicking on the link!

  • Introduction
  • Program Outcomes & Goals
  • NTIP Induction Elements & Requirements
  • Successful Completion of NTIP
  • New Teachers
  • Mentors
  • New Teacher
  • Mentor
  • Principal
  • New Teacher Checklist
  • Mentor Checklist
  • Principal Checklist

Supportive Resources for New Teachers

The New Teacher Induction Program NTIP will take you on a journey as you learn together and strive for excellence. In service to God and each other.

Your journey as a new teacher will be filled with opportunities to learn and grow. Here are a few resources to guide your initial learning as a new teacher in our Catholic schools.

Ontario Curriculum & Resources

All teachers need access to current Ontario curriculum documents and assessment and evaluation guidelines. Instructional resources and other supports for teachers and parents can also be found here.

NCDSB School-based Services

Specialized NCDSB resources addressing Indigenous Education, Student Mental Health and Well-being, Autism & Behavior Support, and Student Attendance. We have a strong circle of support to help you help our students!

Institute for Catholic Education

A network to support English Catholic educators in promoting Catholic education and quality faith-based learning experiences through the sharing of resources, guidelines, and information, including Religious Education curriculum documents.

Survive & Thrive

An online tool from the Ontario Teacher’s Federation for beginning teachers and mentors.

NTIP Program Information From the Ministry of Education

Highlights key components of the program, eligibility, and related resources.
Supportive Resources
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